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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions..

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How can I get the App? Is it available from the App store?

This App is web based and it works on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, whether Android™ or Mac. It is not available from the app stores, but can be downloaded at, and at no cost.

Once you follow the download instructions, it will automatically install an icon on the home page of the iPhone or other device and will act very much the same as other apps.

What devices are supported by the App?


  • Mac and PC (all)
  • Android™ 4.2+
  • iPhone (all)
  • iPad (all)
  • Windows Phone

Not Supported:
  • Android™ 4.1 and older


What browsers are supported by the App?


  • IE 10
  • IE Mobile
  • Chrome 14+
  • Firefox® 16+
  • Safari 4+

Not Supported:
  • IE 9 and older
  • Opera™

Can I start using the App without entering my email address?

Yes. However, it is useful to enter this information in “settings” for the following reasons:

  • The App allows you to send fitting assessment reports, lens orders, and lab support requests using your email account.
  • If you do not enter your email address, ‘PLEASE ENTER’ will be saved in its place. Consequently, when an email is sent from the App, ‘PLEASE ENTER’ will appear in the ‘To’ field and you will need to enter the address at that point, anyway.
  • Though the pop-up appears only on the first use of the App, you can change your email address at any time by opening the “settings” page (accessible from the main title page).

NOTE: Your email address is used only to allow you to send the results of your assessment to your email address.
No personal information is stored on any servers at any time.

Can I still use the App even if I don’t know my customer number?

Yes, you can. Simply enter your name. This will be used in place of your customer number if you are emailing the lab with a lens order or a support request.

For a post-surgical eye, I am referred to the fitting guide. How can I use the App in this instance?

The App is currently designed to work accurately with natural ectasias. Due to their very nature, post-surgical corneas are less predictable than natural ectasias. The lens giving optimal fit may not provide optimal vision and vice versa.

However, the App can still be used to record fit information which can be useful when troubleshooting.

Why can’t I see my other patients’ fitting results when using the App?

The App will only save one fitting session at a time, which may include several lens attempts, and can be seen in the ‘Fitting History’ page.

If you need to pause in the middle of an assessment, when reopened, the App will start at that same point where the last session had ended.

What do the “Email”, “Order” and “Lab Support” buttons mean and how are they used?

This button allows you to email lens fitting reports to yourself.

  • Once the button is clicked the email client on your computer (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail) is opened.
  • The fitting information will be transferred to the message area of the email.
  • Your own email address will appear in the address field.

This button allows you to order lenses by sending the required fitting information and parameters to your lab.

  • The Lab Order email address and account number you entered in “settings” is used for this function.

Lab Support:
This button is used if you would like assistance with fitting a patient.

  • The email address may be the same or different from the one used for ordering lenses.
  • The complete fitting history is included in the email so that the lab has all the necessary information to provide assistance.

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