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KeraSoft® IC

A soft lens designed specifically for all types of irregular corneas.

Lenses made from gas permeable materials have long been the main option for irregular corneas and continue to provide improved vision for hard-to-fit corneas.

Now there’s an additional option. KeraSoft® IC is an innovative soft lens that offers
your patients significant benefits:

  • Customizable for exact patient needs
  • Excellent comfort due to the silicone hydrogel material

Unlike other soft contact lens designs for irregular corneas, the patented design
of KeraSoft® IC offers:

  • More oxygen compared to traditional hydrogel lenses
  • Thinner overall balanced thickness
  • Uses relatively flat base curves
  • Front surface aberration control optics
  • Modifiable full periphery – steep or flat
  • Two sectors of independently modifiable periphery

To ensure KeraSoft® IC provides the best results, you will be supported by extensive
web-based training to achieve proper fitting and patient satisfaction. The team behind
KeraSoft® IC is the same group behind Boston GP materials – we will continue to work
closely with you and our authorized laboratories to meet your need for high quality
and superior products.

Get valuable insights about irregular corneas from the National Keratoconus Foundation.

KeraSoft® IC



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