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If you have keratoconus or another irregular cornea condition, traditional contact lenses can sometimes be problematic. Many people experience limited wear time, discomfort after a few hours wear or glare from their current contact lenses.

Now you have an alternative: KeraSoft® IC. Its innovative design uses the latest technologies to create a soft contact lens that fits many unusually shaped corneas – one you can wear comfortably.

How KeraSoft®IC can change your life... 


Born in Outer Hebrides, Kevin MacNeill was diagnosed with keratoconus at 12 and almost immediately suffered a hydrops episode that resulted in a graft in the right eye. Thirty years later, he was still struggling with spectacles as he could not tolerate GP lenses on his non grafted eye.

Living with keratoconus

Speaking candidly about how the condition, and a lack of solution, changed his life, Mr MacNeil explains: “It impinges on your perception and in turn your personality. I would have been a very different person if this hadn’t of happened.”

In August this year, Mr MacNeil became aware of KeraSoft® IC by chance. “I was on the Internet and happened to come across information about KeraSoft on the Twitter feed of a keratoconus group,” he recalls.

He was successfully fitted with KeraSoft® IC lenses and says of his experience:

“Before I would have to frown and squint at things when I was reading, but now I can see things with clarity and ease, even from a distance. I also see so much more detail than I did before.”

 “It took me a few days to get used to wearing contacts again as I hadn’t worn them in so long, but since then I could not be more pleased with the result. The lenses give me an extra confidence boost in the outside world."

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KeraSoft® IC



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